Third Track between Kenitra and Zenata, Now on Plan

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Morocco’s national railway operator Office National Des Chemins de Fer du Maroc (NCF)Third Track between Kenitra and Zenata, Now on Plan will launch the construction of the third lane between Zenata and Kenitra soon.
To be specific, ONCF is studying and implementing construction works and infrastructure structures between stations 30 km Mohammedia and alike. The successful tenderer will be announced on November 28.
There will likely be a large international operator according to the amount of security required. For interested bidders, bids must be accompanied by a bid bond amounting 2.5 million dirhams. The whole project is designed to increase the frequency of trains and to substantially reduce the travel time on the Tangier-Marrakech axis from 2016.
This line has encountered and continues to experience strong growth in traffic due to its strategic position in the national network configuration. The axis Casablanca-Rabat-Kenitra is a real railway hub, connecting the north, east and south of the country, through which almost all of the traffic.
The importance of this project is such that it was funded in part by a loan from the African Development Bank, granted in December 2010. The loan amount is EUR 300 million, while the total project cost about 5.1 billion dirhams. Work on the Kenitra-Casablanca axis rafleront the biggest budget; they will require a budget of no less than 4.5 billion dirhams.
As an additional is the establishment of a new electrified 100 km, parallel to the other two existing and allowing trains to travel at 160 km / h.
At the same time, ONCF seeks to modernize existing facilities, namely the tracks, catenaries, signaling among others.
The project will make a point to improve the level of security through the elimination of all crossings located on the line, and the construction of several footbridges and subways.