Theme parks in Dubai to fascinate $5 billion profits

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The theme park sector is leveling the intensification track in the UAE, with the country set to fascinate multibillion dollar profits by 2017.

Theme parks in Dubai to fascinate $5 billion profits

Theme parks in Dubai to fascinate $5 billion profits

Through this sector, noted Dubai’s theme parks are established to produce approximately $5 billion by 2020 as the country intends to receive nearly 25 million tourists through that phase. The Dubai Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure (DEAL) display is the largest proposal for the theme parks and amusement sector in the Middle East and Africa region.

Entertainment and leisure projects within the UAE and in GCC have heightened the buoyancy of the amusement and leisure sector. UAE is facing this aggressive development because of its eminence infrastructure and increasing tourism and retail industry divisions. An additional main aspect is that Dubai is also turning to be the MICE capital of the world as a result of the yearlong calendar of trade occurrences. This also carries in substantial amount of pace as families unite business with leisure activities and that additional drives for the theme park industry, according to the chairman, IEC and organizer of the Deal Show, Abdul Rahman Falaknaz.

Several tourists arranged to gather at theme parks in Dubai that are lined up to commence by last quarter of 2016. The leisure and attractions sector in this region is in a marvelous stage.

Ahmad Hussain bin Essa, COO of Global Village stated that numerous projects in this region are at dissimilar paces of progress which should get shape in the next two years. As pioneers of this sector in GCC, they have a distinctive product which has worked productively for practically 20 years; the biggest USP is that they have a creative and unique idea which attracts to the locals and GCC guests, expat people and worldwide tourists.

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