Port in Tangier receives certification

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The port complex of Tangier Med has just been awarded with the ISO 14001 standard of certification for its Environmental Management in its activities in reception of ships and associated services according to the Port of Tangier Med Authority.

Port in Tangier receives certification

Port in Tangier receives certification

The said certification is part of the environmental policy of the Tangier Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA) which is responsible for the development, planning and management of Tangier Med port complex and its industrial and logistics platforms. This is in addition to the ISO 9001 quality certification obtained since the start of the port complex.

For the Tangier Med Port Authority, this is a proof of its dedication and evidence of management’s commitment to a comprehensive and proactive approach to sustainable development, through its continuous and proactive approach in conducting its business, serving the customers from Morocco and other parts of the world requirements in accordance with international standards.

This certification was achieved due to the excellent mobilization of port personnel and all relevant port operators to promote port services presented to customers according to international standards.

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