The magnificent History and gifted Future of Tiznit

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The city of Tiznit has found a location of choice in the province of Tiznit and in the region of Souss through the history of Morocco. Its site is distinguished with crossroads, linking the northern region of the kingdom with the Saharan provinces.

The magnificent History and gifted Future of Tiznit

The magnificent History and gifted Future of Tiznit

Due to industrial and cultural crossroads, Tiznit has always been recognized as a hub for traditional crafts, mostly for the making of silver jewellery. Its spot as a historical convention point, binding the Saharan provinces with the Anti-Atlas Mountains and the low valley of Souss has made it nurture a precious and unique cultural heritage.

Tiznit is proud of its impressive handicrafts, basically silver jewellery and leather sandals. Tiznit covers a various and diverse area connecting the Atlantic Coast with the summits of Anti-Atlas. Its landcape which is  known for its enormous cultural and religious legacy, is given life by residents known for its lenience, ingeniousness and enthusiastic entrepreneurial character.

The tactical military significance of Tiznit is demonstrated by its battlements. Its armed forces  built in the 19th century, they ended up as the final military resistance of the Maghrebian-Andalusian type in Morocco. since 1932, Tiznit has been considered as a National Heritage. The population of Tiznit is approximately 60,000 of which over 50% of it lives in the Old Medina where majority of the city’s urban activities

As one the exceptional historical cities, Tiznit features a palm grove known as “Targua” that is still an basic element of the urban area. The palm area of Tiznit spans at more than 70 hectare in the northeast of the medina. Currently, over 500 city families live through gardening and food crop activities related to Targua.

Possessing a robust background, Tiznit is resolute to take part in ensuring a flourishing and sustainable future for its populace and the whole region.

Mohamed Dekkak

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