Tetouan: A City of Discovery and Opportunity

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Tetouan, a charismatic Hispano-Mauresque town, showcases a combination of cultures and window for its most beautiful traditions.

Tetouan: A City of Discovery and Opportunity

Tetouan: A City of Discovery and Opportunity

Tetouan is a town located at the foot of the Rif Mountains, few kilometers away from the sea. Unlike the other cities, it is not often visited by foreign tourists but there is a hint of genuineness that adds great significance to a vacation. The ancient medina and its unique network of shaded alleyways is a Unesco World Heritage site.

From 1912 until 1956 Tetouan was the capital of the Spanish colony, which covered much of northern Morocco. Because of this influence, the city was left with a Hispano-Moorish character that is unique in Morocco, it is noticeable with the Ensanche or extension which is considered to be the Spanish part of the city.

The Ensanche is in between Pl Moulay el-Mehdi and the pedestrian stretch of Mohammed V Ave. Hotels, banks and restaurants are found within the place. The access to the medina is off the grand Pl Hassan II in front of the Royal Palace.

Its large mellah or Jewish quarter was called little Jerusalem. It is considered as the most dynamic region after dusk. The souks are well arranged and have designated space. Tarafin Street which leads to Hassan II square and the Royal Palace is surrounded with jewelry shops.

An archaeological museum in the medina exhibits stunning mosaics and a large number of relics from Roman era. The Moroccan Arts museum exhibits traditional outfits and regional musical instruments. Nearby the museum is the trade school which specializes in craftsmanship.

There has been some recent improvement which includes the modernization of bus stations, refurbishments to the medina wall and some public gardens. Tetouan city is primed on the edge of discovery and opportunity.

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