Tangier seeks new operator for household waste management

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Tangier continues its commitment to improve its clean public service as it looks for a new operator to upgrade and rehabilitate its existing landfill, which has been operational since 1970 in addition to the major project of modern prefectural dump in Tangier-Asilah, planned to be conducted in early 2015 as part of the ambitious national program for household waste.

Tangier seeks new operator for household waste management

Tangier seeks new operator for household waste management

A tender is to be launched for the management, operation and rehabilitation of the existing landfill in Tangier. Interested candidates may submit their applications before September 11, 2014, and the bid opening will be held by the by the contracting committee within the town hall.

According to the new specifications, to ensure management and operation of the landfill from 25 to 30 hectares, part of which is expected to be rehabilitated, it is required to have a qualified, sufficient and the establishment of the necessary equipment to ensure treatment averaging to 800 tons of waste per day. The chosen operator will be committed to building site, a dump truck and two bulldozers to ensure the smooth running of its services within the site. The future concessionaire is also responsible for building trails and access to the current disposal channels.

As for rehabilitation, the operator will be responsible for the establishment which will handle the evacuation of rainwater. A transitional provision of trees and plants will be required to stabilize the soil, prevent erosion, potential risks and limit infiltration.

Just like the other 12 municipalities in the prefecture of Tangier-Asilah, the city will have a new modern and unique plan in accordance with international standards. It basically involves sorting, recycling and recovery of waste, with an overall investment of about 200 million dirham.  The construction of the new landfill will be launched few months from the establishment of the group of Commons appointed by the respective boards of 13 towns for the creation and management of the landfill.

Mohamed Dekkak