Tangier calls to become a World Heritage

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The Observatory for the protection of the environment and historic monuments (OPEMH) calls to classify the city of Tangier as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Tangier calls to become a World Heritage

Tangier calls to become a World Heritage

Like some cities in Morocco, Tangier is likely to enhance the historical monuments and preserve the collective memory of the region, noting that this concern is shared by several actors of civil society, due to the place of Tangier as a strategic economic center.

Structural projects were launched in the City of Tangier through the directives and high consideration of HM King Mohammed VI including the Tanger-M├ętropole program and projects to upgrade local cultural heritage and strengthen the cultural infrastructure, as part of a comprehensive and integrated approach, highlighting efforts to rehabilitate and raise the city to the rank of major international cities.

The OPEMH would like to enable historic buildings to play the role that falls to them in the territorial and economic development.

Furthermore, the call to the classification of Tangier as a Heritage of Humanity could bring economic progress, associated with the development of tourism and cultural infrastructure, and aims to take advantage of the potential that surrounds the area, including the historical monuments and the rich and diverse civilization heritage.

The Observatory also recommended to simplify the data on the historical and cultural heritage of the region, to support local governance and management of public affairs, noting that registration of Tangier on the World Heritage List of the Humanity draws its essence in the awareness of local residents and elected bodies of the importance of this cultural heritage and rich and varied culture.

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