Tanger-Metropole Program upgrades local markets in Morocco

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One of the local markets to be formed and restructured under Tanger-Metropole Royal Program is the Bir Chifa. It is expected to have an approximate of 715 shops, management and administrative services and a contemporary underground parking which can accommodate up to 200 vehicles.

With an aggregate investment of 100 million dirham, the construction of the first local market in the Tanger-Métropole program, namely Bir Chifa, was initiated on April 9 by King Mohammed VI.  The upgrade program, whose work is making progress according to schedule preset and is expected to be accomplished by 2017, has gone through a lot of conference for consultation and information with businesses.

This socio-economic project is situated in the in the well-known Beni Makada area, and is covering a total area of almost one hectare.  This project is being pushed through for the advancement of work environment of the traders, arrangement of the marketers and the obliteration of poor quality structures.

Furthermore, including on the program is relocation some local markets in other places for the improvement of traffic flow in the city center like blacksmiths of Sidi Bouabid which is to be moved to Blessed Makada. It is said the 350 million dirham is to be outlaid for the realization of this new complex which will feature additional, rendering room for the exhibition and sale of wrought iron objects. It is expected house more than 350 ironworkers, most of them coming from the current souk in Al Haddadine.

Mohamed Dekkak