Tanger Med, An International Logistics Hub In Morocco

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Tangier Med port is one of the key players in the logistics industry globally. With an approximated total capacity to 8.2 million containers, of which 40% remain to the African continent, its regional and international hub status is second to none.

Tanger Med, An International Logistics Hub In Morocco

Tanger Med, An International Logistics Hub In Morocco

To be the logistic and industrial hub of international dimension, Tanger Med is linked with 30 docks and 20 nation, according to Fouad Brini, CEO of the Tangier Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA).

A correlation that has permitted Tangier Med to attain, under 2014, returns from exports approximated at 4 billion Euros and fascinate over $ 2 billion of private investment. In the same way, with regards to the flow of containers for consumer products for import, CEO of TMSA averred that it is approximated at 30 billion dollars per year, underscoring the existence of 650 corporation working in various industries.

Mark that Tanger Med has an enthusiastic free zone which is situated nearby the port, the Tangier Free Zone (TFZ) is outfitted and equipped since 2011 TMSA vehicle next to its institutional partners for the development of the industrial program Tanger Med. This project includes the phased execution and long-standing business parks industrial, logistics and service in the port surroundings and even more broadly in the Strait zone around basic competitive advantages.

This industrial program connecting the port proposal Tanger Med, also has essential assets with a planned position at the junction of main maritime flows and close to target markets, an incorporated package giving a policy Regional Competitiveness meeting the necessities of globalized actors and a significant regional potential for operational optimization between complementary tier suppliers on one hand and on the other between supplier and manufacturer for improved synergies and improved competitiveness.

Specialists disclosed that TFZ was able to become one of the industrial areas distinguished for their development and their quality of service globally.

On the other hand, so as to amplify its appeal, TFZ has contributed new space given to the automotive industry and service offshore. They are also offering loans to entrepreneurs spaces to employment and a single window for the simplification of procedures administrative, besides accompanying and personalized support from investors.

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