Takreer gains ground on development as year closes

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Takreer gains ground on development as year closes

Takreer gains ground on development as year closes

An ADNOC Group company, the Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer), has granted two huge contracts for its Gasoline & Aromatics Project (GAP) that will raise its fuel creation limit.

Takreer prepares to extend creation of gas to 9.4 mtpa, by the year 2022 with the new gas & aromatics venture including 4.2 mtpa of gas supply & 1.6 mtpa of aromatics, as indicated by state news office, WAM.

The front end engineering design or FEED contract has been granted to Amec International Limited, situated in Reading, UK.

Also, Takreer has granted the process license technologies contract to Axens, of France.

Director of ADNOC’s refining & petrochemical Abdulaziz Alhajri stated that the company’s goal is to open the maximum capacity of their assets.

“The Gasoline and Aromatics Project will empower us to address the issues of the developing and growing market for refined items, and in addition increase the value of every processed barrel.”

The FEED and process license technologies contracts take after the engagement of Jacobs Engineering, in June, to offer consultancy management of the project services for the FEED stage.

The FEED contract, which is planned to be finished by January of 2018, will be trailed by the tendering & execution of engineering, acquisition and construction works, which overall can take 4 years to finish.

The contracts have been granted to finish Takreer’s, incorporated production complex, which will contain light & heavy Naphtha Hydrotreaters units, light Naphtha Isomerisation units, 2 heavy Naphtha reformer units, an Aromatics Extraction Unit and Paraxylene and Benzene production units.

Included in its 5 year business strategy, and development plan, ADNOC is centered around conveying a more important and rewarding refining business, through planned, marketability and focused on investments that seek to expanding on the organization’s legacy of achievement and guaranteeing its continuous development.


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