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United Kingdom’s oldest and leading travel association said that the Kingdom of MoroccoSun Lovers Opts Morocco as one of their Best Destination is one of the most popular destinations for sun lovers of which the city of Marrakech is the hottest spot for most tourists.
Marrakech, the first tourism spot in Africa is drawn already with crowds of tourists due to the 2013 FIFA Club World Cup tournament that it hosts together with Agadir.
For Christmas holiday, it is expected that millions of people all over the world will be moving on the eve of Christmas and touristic destinations.
The Kingdom is one of the preferred locations along with the Canary Islands, Tunisia, and Cape Verde, an island off western Africa. There are a lot of other outstanding places where you can enjoy in serenity Christmas in Morocco. From the seaside and imperial cities beside the Atlantic Ocean to the historical sights and countrysides in the south with their Kasbahs, golden sand dunes, and green oasis in the heart of the desert, which can be accessed via camel treks.
The same source said that Friday, Saturday and Sunday were likely to be the busiest days for those flying abroad.
This status supports Morocco’s 2020 Vision with an objective to increase twice the size of the tourism sector to draw in 20 million visitors each year by 2020 and to rank Morocco among the world’s top 20 tourist destinations.