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On Stage: Life Story of Ibn Battuta

On Stage: Life Story of Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta is famous because of many things and activities he has done in his whole life. The most important activities he has done in his entire life were traveling and literature. He used to narrate his travel stories and tales. He also narrated the tales of the areas and places where he visited. He visited many countries in his life and got the chance to understand the cultures of those all nations he visited. These activities helped him to move to any place easily.

Importance of Theatrical Play

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is organizing the second International Festival of Ibn Batuta in honor of the great traveler and stage play is an important part of this festival. This theater will be done by the actors and this is for conveying the life lessons of Ibn Battuta. This is basically to present his entire life by doing acts. These actors will play their roles as per recommended and these roles will ultimately present with the life and different adventures of Ibn Battuta.

This theater is one of the most important parts and activities during the festival and people will surely enjoy this. Most of the visitors who love to travel a lot can get the ideas of traveling in good sense and the basic ways they can adapt by learning from Ibn Battuta’s life.

Theater is an Enjoyment, Entertainment, and Learning

This festival entirely shows the life journey of Ibn Battuta which is not only for the enjoyment or entertainment but also will be a learning point for them. They can get the strongest hints and ideas about the traveling features and literature of him. They can also be guided by this theater and the theater is called the description of his entire life. The people which will come from France and Europe and from those countries which visited by Ibn Battuta will love to get the information of their states. Many of the people may don’t know about the places in their countries. They can get the knowledge of the place and the area which may have the most beautiful view and interesting things.

The people of France and Europe or some other countries will get the time of entertainment and also some activities like art and craft and they will enjoy the music. The association who organized this event will also focus on the world benefits of traveling. There will be the travelers from different countries where Ibn Battuta went and they will share their experiences. The people will also get knowledge about the culture of different nations who will also available in this event.


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