Splendid Prop up for Dubai Expo Bid, Revealed

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Generally Dubai residents showed their overwhelming prop up for Dubai ExpoSplendid Prop up for Dubai Expo Bid, Revealed 2020, they believe that they deserve to win the right to host the World’s Expo 2020.
According to a survey, Dubai Statistics Centre said 99.57 percent evaluation by Dubai of Emirati respondents suppose that Dubai has the strongest candidate city to host the event. On the other hand Non-Emirati also shows their support to the Expo and they have the same opinions.
Over a 10 days period of this month to quantify the community awareness and support the center surveyed 64, 802 respondents they are the Emiratis and the rest are represented expatriates and with the harmonization with the higher committee of Dubai Expo 2020 Bid.
A splendid majority of the population reviewed that on the survey that Dubai Expo deserves it. It is sincerely gratifying to learn that the data reinforces the outpouring of support we’ve seen from across the UAE, and indeed, the world, as he added.