Solar Powered “Smart Ambulances” to Provide Mobile Emergency Services

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Set to be the first-of-its kind in the world, solar powered “Smart Ambulances” will be seen mobilizing on Dubai roads ambulance

Just like a regular ambulance, doctors and medical staffs can monitor condition of the patients while on the way to the hospital. What makes it unique and first in the world is it will be operated by sun power, has a smart stretcher made of carbon fiber so the ambulance is light and can travel faster.

It was just shown recently to the public at the commencement of annual International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference in Dubai together with other Dh1.2 million vehicles imported from the United States.

The new ambulance can rove for 48 hours without charging and is equipped with cameras to allow waiting doctors at hospitals to monitor a patient’s condition and supervise the care provided by paramedics.

Medical authorities said that it is a mobile emergency department outfitted with all the equipment needed in an emergency care. The electronic system of the ambulance is capable of possessing data like the patient’s vital signs and echocardiography can be quickly transmitted to hospitals.

For patients with head injury, CT scan can be made on the ambulance and send the details to the doctor duty on the hospital. It also has rear cameras to take pictures of an accident scene that can be sent to the Dubai Police operations room.

The new ambulance can accommodate 4 people including a doctor compare to the ordinary ambulance that can only carry 2 paramedics.

Mohamed Dekkak