Solar-powered desalination plants unveiled in UAE

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Four pilot project desalination plants to cut water provision costs by up to 40%.

Solar-powered desalination plants unveiled in UAE

Solar-powered desalination plants unveiled in UAE

A renewable energy company based in Abu Dhabi has launched four pilot small-scale solar powered desalination plants at Ghantoot on the Dubai boundary.

The four plants comprise of a forward osmosis and three reverse osmosis plants intended to reduce potable water provision overheads by 40 per cent.

Reverse osmosis is the process where the seawater is removed by pushing seawater through a film filter whereas forward osmosis pulls seawater through the membrane to create fresh water. Most recent membrane developments integrated with solar energy power could generate 10 to 20 per cent more fresh water at the test plants.

The developers and operators of the plants were selected by the company through a competitive tender process. The project is included in the renewable energy desalination strategy introduced in 2013 and financed by the Abu Dhabi government.

The said desalination plants will provide around 1,500 cubic meters per day, not counting the 916 million imperial gallons that are produced in existing desalination plants every day in the city.

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