Sindibad Park to open in 2015

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Sindibad Park to open in 2015

Sindibad Park to open in 2015

The project Sindibad Park will officially open in the first quarter of 2015, but preliminary opening will be held in December to test the amusement park games.

Work is progressing rapidly and with a goal to provide Casablanca ultimately a complete package of entertainment which includes a zoo, an amusement park and an archaeological park. . The one quarter section on zoo opened which covers an area of 32 hectares. The Sindibad Park offers a variety of different spaces dedicated to recreation, to the animals, for the ecological and a recreational forest, souvenir shops, restaurants and sandwich kiosks. The zoo will cover half of the park at 16 hectares. The attractions will be deployed over an area of 5 hectares, while the remaining 11 hectares will be reserved for recreational forest.

A total of 22 attractions will immerse visitors into the depths of Sindibad World, the legendary sailor. Flying chairs, a roller coaster, a train, a slide, a carousel and many other rides are planned in the playground. The roller coaster is already in place, while other attractions will arrive shortly. The project also offers residential properties comprising of apartments, duplexes and houses located near the coast covering an area of 22 hectares. Shops, clubhouse and Beach club will be constructed dedicated to the residents. It also includes a resort and hotels with views of the bays of Casablanca and the park will be put up ideal for holidays and business trips.

The park is said to have an investment of 346 million dirham. It was conceived by a partnership with a French leading leisure industry, with 21 parks to its credit and over 7 European countries. In the second phase, several animal species from around the world will be exhibited in the public zoo.  The goal of this zoo is to offer visitors of the Sindibad Park a unique experience. The zoo will transport visitors into five continents with totally reconstructed from the fauna and flora of different ecosystems.

The recreational forest will be for relaxation and recreation of the public. The forest will feature picnic areas and circuits dedicated for walking and cycling.

Mohamed Dekkak