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Sindibad Amusement Park in Casablanca is supposed to formally resume after several reschedules.

Sindibad Amusement Park in Casablanca resumes

Sindibad Amusement Park in Casablanca resumes

The Mayor of Casablanca stated that the amusement park will formally resume. It is the only amusement park in Morocco, is anticipated to flock visitors and locals who will take pleasure in an assortment of conventional activities and rides.

Additionally, the conventional rides, including the dizzying dodgems, slides, and paddleboats and roller coaster,  it will also feature a zoo and an archaeological park. The zoo encompasses half of the park, and will display animal species from five continents.

The recommence was scheduled for May 25, however local authorities were pushed to postponed the reopening to an unidentified date due to the changes and variations were not concluded yet.

Rates are approximated to be reasonable priced for all. The ticket rates have been approximated at MAD25 each person and MAD 70 for a family of four members.

With the entrance tickets, families will be able to take pleasure in Several enticements surrounded by the park, hence other games will be paid games whose ticket price is approximated at MAD 15.

Sindibad Amusement Park has been provided a lease for life. The park will offer hotel rooms situated nearby the coast, with views of Casablanca’s seashore. It will also contain stores, a forest with picnic areas, a beach club, a clubhouse and trails dedicated for walking and cycling.

The Sindibad Amusement Park initially launched in 2006, before it had to close its doors for renovation and restoration.

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