Silver Spring Networks and DEWA on signing smart grid contact

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Silver Spring Networks and DEWA on signing smart grid contact

Silver Spring Networks and DEWA on signing smart grid contact

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority has chosen Silver Spring Networks to assist in the improvement of an application program for smart grid.

According to the understanding, the stakeholder will form a platform for communication centered on IPv-6 multi-applications radio frequency (RF) mesh canopy for smart grid applications.

According to DEWA, this platform will enable water meter, power electricity, and automated distribution.

His Excellency Mohammed Al Tayer, DEWA’s managing director & CEO stated that the deal is included as part of the company’s plan to accomplish the Smart Applications by way of Smart Meters & Grids initiative which lets the company construct a large and unified smart grid encompassing generation, distribution as well as transmit systems.

Among others, the smart grid will include asset management, demand side management, power stations & automated network, smart metering as well as systems integration. This almost 2 billion dollar project is in support of the company’s other smart projects like Shams Dubai to mount solar panels on building structures to produce electricity and hook up with the grid from DEWA. Also included in the initiative is the Green Charger to launch the infrastructure on charging stations for e-vehicles.

Silver Spring Networks is expected to plan, supply, execute trial and authorize the RF mesh canopy for smart grids. DEWA stated that the platform will permit the delivery of safe and trusted communications for smart electricity as well as water systems & will be capable of putting up more amenities in the years ahead.

The deal which was both signed by Mike Bell, Silver Spring Networks’ President and Chief Executive Officer and H.E. Al Tayer of DEWA is in keeping with the vision of Smart Dubai, concurs the stakeholders.

Mike Bell stated the city has become a pioneer for many years now when it comes to energy and structural innovation to aid in Dubai’s economic development. The company is pleased to be working with DEWA to extend Silver Spring Network’s platform to the United Arab Emirates.

H.E. Al Tayer, on the other hand, stated that DEWA is pleased to team up with Silver Spring Networks, a company that has proven an international Internet of Thing or IoT network platform that can provide a high-performance network to carry out efficiently multiple electricity as well as water services to Dubai’s residents.


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