Sheik Zayed Desert Learning Center opens in Al Ain

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Sheik Zayed Desert Learning Center opens in Al Ain

Sheik Zayed Desert Learning Center opens in Al Ain

The Sheik Zayed Desert Learning Center was opened on Monday in Al Ain Zoo by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council deputy chairman, Sheik Hazza bin Zayed.

“The late Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s solid association with the desert added to the creation of his passionate and cultural legacy, and the learning centre mirrors this remarkable relationship,” he said in the opening function, which was sorted out under the support of Sheik Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council.

Sheik Hazza, joined by various ADEC individuals, was given a short tour through Al Ain Zoo. He, thusly, said thanks to the Emirati staff’s commitments to the tourism business.

The learning center has 5 interactive exhibitions: Abu Dhabi Desert Over Time, Sheik Zayed Tribute Hall, Abu Dhabi’s Living World, Looking to the Future and People of the Desert.

It has been portrayed as the United Arab Emirates’ first sustainable building and was the first to accomplish a Five Pearl rating from Estidama and a platinum certificate on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Al Ain Zoo executive general Ghanim Al Hajeri has statedthat the sustainability philosophy and conservation guided the venture from its starting, with 92 percent of building waste either reduced, reused or recycled.

Sheik Zayed Desert Learning Center ‘s unique design plan brought about a 70 precent decrease in warmth retention from the Sun, and a 50 percent saving in vitality and water use.

“The building facility will show guests the significance of manageability and resource preservation,” said Mr. Al Hajeri, adding that it “mirrors the historical backdrop of the desert environment and the adaptation of human to this nature”.

“It is additionally a perfect model of eco-friendly building structures that utilize sustainable procedures.

“Al Ain Zoo has now accomplished a novel position in modern and interactive education, connecting with guests of any age.”


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