Sewerage Projects in Morocco budgeted for 2016

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The implementation of the National Program for Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment (NAP) is scheduled by 2016 stressing the importance of development of policies and strategies for the environment preservation.

Sewerage Projects in Morocco budgeted for 2016

Sewerage Projects in Morocco budgeted for 2016

A budget of MAD 714 million will be allocated to finance sewerage projects. The NAP aims to achieve 80 per cent in overall connection level network in urban areas and lessen pollution by at least 60 per cent. It should be noted that the year 2015 was marked by the financing of sewerage projects for 85 towns and urban centers with a budget of 414 million dirham. In terms of achievements at the end of 2014, the levels of treatment of waste water was 39% for a sewage treatment plant Park or 90 STEP stations compared to only 7% in 2005 to a fleet of 21 STEP stations.

As for the National Household Solid Waste Program (PNDM), projects worth 150 million dirham will be financed as planned in 2016 to continue the implementation of this program. By 2030, the collection rate should reach 100%. Since the launch of this program, 19 landfills were built, six landfills are under construction and 23 have already been rehabilitated. All centers should be equipped by 2020 of a landfill. Note that operating landfills have been used to treat almost 2 million tonnes per year, or 38% of total production of household waste the country in late 2014.

In addition to the implementation of the NAP and PNDM, it is expected in 2016 the finalization and adoption of the National Sustainable Development Strategy and the pursuit of integrated project management of coastal areas (2012-2017) at the oriental region. Remember that this project in collaboration with the World Bank extends administratively in three municipalities and 23 rural communes in the provinces of Berkane, Nador and Driouch.

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