Several socioeconomic and sports projects launched in Mohammedia

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On the occasion of the 61st Anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the people and Youth Day several socio-economic and sports projects have been officially launched and opened in Mohammedia in Ain Harrouda.

Several socioeconomic and sports projects launched in Mohammedia

Several socioeconomic and sports projects launched in Mohammedia

The Governor of the Mohammedia Prefecture conducted in the presence of many personalities at the opening of a birthing home in Ain Harrouda.  Costing 3.5 million dirham, it will be aligned with the strategy of the Ministry of Health to make health facilities closer to patients. This medical facility will have doctors, paramedics, and a midwife. The new birthing house will provide better care, and mostly to help reduce the risks associated with childbirth.

For the same occasion, the development of the ground of the 3,004 roads and street lighting work were also launched. In the context of strengthening sports infrastructure, it was officially opened at a socio sport complex in Ain Harrouda. At a cost of 4 million dirham, the infrastructure has a variety of function rooms, a sports field, and spaces for young people, a nursery and a youth center. These multiple spaces serve to usefully occupy by the youth.

Development works on the pavements of many areas in the city of Mohammedia were also launched. These projects require a total budget of 13,586,280 dirham. In addition, the two green spaces “Gardens Mali” and “Lamouma” will be rehabilitated at a cost of 888,288 dirham.

A technical study was launched for the realization of a bridge at the Mesbahiat roundabout and industrial zone along with another bridge at Palestine Highway Boulevard. The cost of the first project is 660,000 dirham while the second project budget is around 228, 000 dirham.

In addition, other projects have been launched at the rural town of Ben Yakhlef. These include the development of roadways and work places as well as the construction of a boundary wall. Subsequently, the Governor of Mohammedia has launched the development of the road connecting the Mohammedia – Benslimane road to the 3313 inter-discharge.

The laying of the foundation stone for the construction of a breeding center and production animals was also held. The future center is considered unique on the African continent. The facility uses the most sophisticated and innovative technologies in medical sciences, biotechnology and genetics. This project is approximately at 60 million dirham covering an area of 23 hectares.

Mohamed Dekkak