Set to host the Expo, “Burj 2020” is now World’s Tallest Commercial Tower

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World’s biggest new-fangled tower named after the winning of Dubai at Dubai Expo 2020 Set to host the Expo, “Burj 2020” is now World’s Tallest Commercial Towerbidding, the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) preferred to name “Burj 2020” for the World’s biggest commercial tower as tribute for the Dubai’s Expo 2020 win.
According to the highest official of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, few can imagine the impact the Dubai of 2020 will have on the Expo and how it will connect people, their ideas and aspirations. And he wanted to congratulate his Highness and the UAE residents. As a tribute for winning of Dubai Expo2020, the world’s tallest commercial tower to this historic win by naming it Burj 2020.
For the first time in the Middle East the Dubai Expo2020 themed ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ auxiliary drive Dubai to their vision of leadership to become the newest economic center of the world.
Dubai Multi Commodities Center has strongly supports the Dubai Expo2020. It’s hosted UAE Expo2020 2020 Ambassadors at Almas Tower on a number of occasions this year to learn about DMCC’s role in fortifying Dubai’s role as global commodities and do business hub.
As a part of Free Zone Business Park expansion plans for about 107,000 square meters is to increased global demand from multi-nationals and regional corporate for large scale commercial space in Dubai.
In excess of 220 retail outlets in operations with 66 mixed use commercial anf residential towers at this time 80,000 people working and living the Dubai Multi Commodities Center Free Zone in Dubai, with an average of 200 companies choosing to join.
Currently, the master plan for the “Burj 2020” is in the final stage, architects are to be appointed in 2014, with ground breaking planned for 2015. In early 2014 to ensure the successful and timely delivery of the “Burj 2020” and the Dubai Multi Commodities Center Business Park they will engage with partners and stakeholders, as he ended.