Second Moussem Aknari Celebration honors Prickly Pears   

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The second “Moussem Aknari” organized for over three days by the association “Ifni Initiatives”, was held in Sidi Ifni with the theme “The valuation of local products, lever for sustainable development” .

Second Moussem Aknari Celebration honors Prickly Pears   

Second Moussem Aknari Celebration honors Prickly Pears

The event is  dedicated to the enhancement of cactus fruit. The opening day of this economic affair, witnessed by the provincial governor, elected officials and external service chiefs, was marked with an exhibition of local groups of products, cactus exhibitions and derivatives, honey, argan oil and derivatives, saffron, homemade couscous, milk derivatives, herbal tea, olives, henna and dates.

During the event, the Governor and the delegation accompanying him checked the different booths in the fair which showcase different pottery stuffs, silver silverware, carpets and traditional Saharawi clothes. This event is an occasion to recognize the Baamrane Ait prickly pear which is one of the most sought after cactus fruit for its quality and taste and to emphasize the role of this plant as a source of earnings for the majority of the rural population of Sidi Ifni.

According to a study released by the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, the prickly pear plants covers 40,000 hectares of the total area of the province with an recorded annual production of 230,000 tons. In line with development program of this plant, a number of procedures have been undertaken by the government, particularly in terms of road access to production area which has an inverstment of  DH 57 million. for a length of 105 kilometers.

As part of the development activities of this sector, it was confirmed that a packaging unit for the cactus fruit measuring  2,460 square meters is to be constructed equipped with modern equipment for an investment of DH 21 million and two cactus collection center in the municipalities of Sbouya and Mesti worth DH  3 million.

The fair also aims to promote the natural wealth and resources of the Ait Baamrane region to take advantage of  tourism development and stimulation of economic activity in the city. The program for this Moussem prepared in partnership with the City Council Province region, and several partners is a conference on the subject ” Ait Baamrane cactus Chain and territorial development”, and a round table on “Eco-tourism and Sidi Ifni Prospects of Development “, in addition to water sports competitions.

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