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The Science of Travel Bliss

The Science of Travel Bliss

Science has long proven that traveling is one of the best means to sustain happiness.

Modern technology can now measure and quantify the logic behind being happy and how to achieve its optimum level. Surely, the road to being happy is different for everyone, but research has suggested specific aspects that has the greatest effect to majority.

According to research done by a psychology professor Dr. Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University who for 20 years has studied the complexities of happiness and its correlation with money, he discovered that there is no continued happiness from getting things we desire to ourselves. Happiness is just temporary.

Gilovich reasoned that part of the enemy of happiness is adaptation. We purchase items to make us happy but it only lasts for a while because new things excite us at first, but we eventually adapt to them.



Our experiences take a huge chunk of ourselves compared to material things. We may like things but they are not part of our identity. Experiences, on the other hand, are part of us, we are what we are because of our experiences. Thus, experiencing new things can bring great state of happiness. Our precious memories do not come from items we bought, but from valuable experiences.


Boosting Happiness

The science of happiness reveals:

  1. Happiness blossoms best in new environments
  2. Products are less significant than experiences as they are not part of you.

Travel boost your happiness. It offers a lot of newness – taking you to new places and unique cultures. When you’re surrounded with all things new, it significantly impacts your brain. Time seems to like to slow down, you are focused and everything feels more enriching as you try to absorb this new information that you will never forget.

When you are disconnected from the usual environment you have adapted to and is provided with a new environment, happiness thrives.

Travel gives us chances to have experiences of a lifetime, memories that can’t be replaced. These experiences that form part of our identity is a better investment, providing us with better versions of ourselves.


Travel Festival

Get to know more about the wonderful effects of traveling at the upcoming International Festival of Ibn Battuta happening on November 9-12, 2017 at the city of Tangier in Morocco. There will be exciting social activities such as conferences, carnivals, street art, outdoor film showing, music shows and so much more. The event is presented by the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta.


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