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Scaffolding Services in UAE

Our scaffolding team is composed of highly trained individuals to ensure the highest quality of service. Our partners are internationally recognized by the oil and gas, petrochemical and construction industries.  Our commitment to quality is proven by ISO Certification in Quality Management and now working for the ISO Certification in Environmental Management Systems. Regular compliance audit is also conducted to ensure the company adheres to industry standards.

Our scaffolding team also values its workers. Substantial investment for staff on/off the job training is made to bring continuous development and motivation. Staffs are given opportunity to enhance their technical, professional and communication skills through provision of training programs providing necessary tool, equipment and technology to carry out their roles in a professional and productive manner.

In scaffolding, safety is of high importance.  Safety manual is regularly updated to adhere to changes in legislation, unique circumstances and client requirements. Safety audit are conducted on a regular basis, recording of these audits is also a must.

Our partners in scaffolding offers total package, from pre-bid until completion of the project. Both engineering and technical assistance are provided by the in-house design team. They ensure full compliance of client specifications and provide tailor-made solutions for specific projects. The team boosts in their vast knowledge and experience in the design of complex access, formwork and heavy duty support scaffolds utilizing the latest software and engineering design calculations.

ADGECO Group and its scaffolding team has the advantage of having a large workforce, significant inventory of materials, transport and equipment located throughout the Gulf making it possible to respond quickly and efficiently to any project within the GCC. Materials used by our partners in scaffolding conform fully to BS 1139. The team has all the transportation requirements from modern fleet of trailers, Hyab mounted heavy duty trucks to pick-ups for materials and mini busses for personnel. Being a part of a wide range of industry, clients could also benefit to any financial and construction related resources and support.

Some of the services provided by the Scaffolding Team are as follows:

  • Provide engineering and technical assistance commencing at the pre-bid stage and continuing through to completion, ensuring full compliance with client specifications
  • Bespoke design service – available for specific projects if tailor made solutions are required
  • Preparation of drawings using the latest software and supported by engineering design calculations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard identifications
  • Method Statements
  • Provide work schedules using primavera software
  • Design specifications for materials in accordance with the latest British Standards for scaffolding
  • Adoption of Scafftag safety System on all projects
  • Grandstand setting. Extruded aluminum seating system that complies fully with the latest “Codes of Practice” from the Green Guide and the Institute of Structural Engineers recommendations

Scaffolding Equipment Item Description


  • Adjustable Jack
  • Aluminum Ladder 3.0 M
  • Aluminum Ladder 4.0 M
  • Aluminum Ladder 5.0 M
  • Aluminum Ladder 6.0 M
  • Aluminum Ladder 7.0 M
  • Aluminum Ladder Beam
  • Base Plate
  • Board Retaining Couplers
  • Castor Wheel
  • Double Couplers
  • GIN Wheel
  • Intermediate Transom 0.9 M
  • Intermediate Transom 1.3 M
  • Intermediate Transom 1.8 M
  • Intermediate Transom 2.5 M
  • Joint PIN
  • Joint Sleeve
  • Ladder Beam 3.0 M
  • Ladder Beam 4.0 M
  • Ladder Beam 6.0 M
  • Laminated Boards 1.0 M
  • Laminated Boards 1.5 M
  • Laminated Boards 2.0 M
  • Laminated Boards 2.5 M
  • Laminated Boards 3.0 M
  • Laminated Boards 4.0 M
  • Ledger 0.6 M
  • Ledger 0.9 M
  • Ledger 1.0 M
  • Ledger 1.3 M
  • Ledger 1.8 M
  • Ledger 2.5 M
  • Screw Jack
  • Single Couplers
  • S-K Couplers
  • Spigot Pin
  • Standard 0.5 M
  • Standard 1.0 M
  • Standard 1.5 M
  • Standard 2.0 M
  • Standard 3.0 M
  • Swivel
  • Tube 0.3 M
  • Tube 0.4 M
  • Tube 0.5 M
  • Tube 0.6 M
  • Tube 0.7 M
  • Tube 1.0 M
  • Tube 1.5 M
  • Tube 2.0 M
  • Tube 2.5 M
  • Tube 3.0 M
  • Tube 3.5 M
  • Tube 4.0 M
  • Tube 4.5 M
  • Tube 5.0 M
  • Tube 6.0 M
  • UH.Jack