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Satellite services in UAE

Satellite Services offer by Adgeco Group of companies with our highly qulaified staff with extra ordinary technician to provide you best satellite services in the town and world wide.

  • Most active enterprise in the field of Earth observation infrastructure
  • Design and develop an Earth observation Spatial System
  • Control Environment and Critic Situation (Fire and Flood)
  • Agricultural monitoring
  • Hydro resources evolution control
  • Forest Control
  • Urban Areas Control
  • Borders Control

The Applications
* Agriculture

  • Support for watering plans
  • Hydro resources exploitation control
  • Draughts monitoring and evaluation
  • Finding and evaluation of damages due to hail or frost
  • Reports about relative state of crops (quantitative and/or qualitative), with historical references: nitrogen contents, biomass & leaf area index

* Fishing

  • Sustainable Fishing practices and observation

* Environment

  • Land cover and use maps
  • Detection and monitoring of hazardous spills
  • Estimation of evaporation / transpiration
  • Flood control and monitoring
  • Hydro planning at basins and irrigation areas
  • Cartography of flooded areas
  • Water quality analysis
  • Basins snow reservoirs analysis
  • Analysis of areas for solar or wind energy plants
  • Estimation of erithematic radiation and ozone layer
  • Water Purification plant
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Incineration Plant
  • Sanitary Landfill Works

* Forest

  • Detection and monitoring of forest fires
  • Cartography of fuel models
  • Fire risk analysis based on the vegetation state
  • Analysis of severity in burnt areas
  • Analysis of regeneration success in burnt areas
  • Monitoring of plagues and diseases in forests
  • Analysis of success for replanting or other forests operations
  • Support for forests inventory

* Civil Defense

  • Crisis and natural disasters monitoring
  • Warning and monitoring of large storms
  • Vessels localization in open seas