Abu Dhabi is expected to be stricter in terms of road safety for the coming years as they areSAFER ABU DHABI ROADS FOR 2030 planning to install more accurate and effective road cameras and radars before 2030.

For the past months, the Abu Dhabi police had recorded 2,494 driving offenses. This includes bad lane disciplines, improper loading and unloading for the taxis, and on the hard shoulder overtaking of vehicles.

The police aims to lessen the traffic accidents and of course to maintain safety to all the concerns. With this, they are planning to implant more cameras and radars on islands and on the motorways and even the traffic signals to catch violators who are beating the red lights.

They also want to seize those who defy the speed limit on the roads, particularly those drivers who are knowledgeable if where are the cameras and radars had been installed.

Herewith, the officers are expecting to at least minimize the number of the traffic accidents that might happen on the main roads and on different areas in Abu Dhabi considering the five important elements which are the awareness, architecture, control, assessment and quick response to the incidents.

The head of traffic and his group is looking forward for a positive feedback not just from the drivers but also from the public because after all this strategy is focusing to benefit everyone in Abu Dhabi.

On the other hand, director of transport research says that installing more cameras and radars is just one element of the process. It is definitely not the answer to the main problem, which is the traffic conflicts; it is still the public’s discipline that will work well.