Safari Park in Dubai, ready by year 2016

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A new zoo with Safari Park in Dubai is scheduled to open by mid-2016.

Safari Park in Dubai, ready by year 2016

Safari Park in Dubai, ready by year 2016

The whole development spreads at 119 hectares and with an outlay of Dh150 million and it will accommodate approximately 1,000 animals with over 350 uncommon and extinct animals from all over the world. The park will feature more than 2,500 trees and 100 different kinds of plants which complements to the area’s theme.

According to an official at Dubai Municipality, the Safari Park’s design and plan incorporate the best procedures from famous safaris and zoos from Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany and the San Diego.

The zoo will feature numerous themed areas, including Asian, Arabian, and African villages. Some of the additional attractions that visitors can expect around a designated site of 60 hectares are an amateur golf course, a botanical garden and a butterfly sanctuary, as well as restaurants and a food court.

The design of the park is considered environmentally-friendly as it integrates the use renewable energy like solar energy as well as hybrid operational system which will handle the irrigation network, water recycling, waste removal and other recycling facilities. The sunlight will be transformed into electricity that will be used at night time.

The construction for Village Safari where the animals will be placed is almost complete. The leisure areas providing umbrellas for visitors and the pen for animals are all ready. The cafes are modified to go well with the local climate, and guaranteed that the animals will be comfortable and taken care of, as each cage will be temperature-controlled.

A choice of solar-powered transports will be accessible, including a rubber-wheeled tram and monorail containers for visitors to see the scene below.

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