Saadiyat Museum Pacts Grants by Q2 2014

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The Tourism, Development and Investment Company of Abu Dhabi has stated that it is prob

ably going to grant the primary agreemeents for the 2 outstanding galleries

Saadiyat Museum Pacts Grants by Q2 2014

at Saadiyat Island by the center of one year from now.

In a meeting which shows up in Construction Week, Dev’t chief of TDIC Carlos Antonio-Wakim said that it was expecting to grant the agreement for the Zayed National Museum by first quarter of 2014.

“In the meantime, we are in the pre-capability period of offering the Guggenheim,” he said.

“We are finishing the plan now, we have various temporary workers under pre-capability and we are pointing additionally to grant the Guggenheim by second quarter of 2014,” he included.

He included that work at the Louver is “spot on track”, with development set to finish in December

2015, trailed by the Zayed National Museum in December 2016 and the Guggenheim in December 2017.

TDIC as of late uncovered another masterplan for Saadiyat Island at Cityscape, with the shopping center being produced as a joint endeavor with the property arm of French extravagance merchandise firm LVMH filling in as another focal point.

Wakim clarified that the shopping center, which will be located beside the Zayed National Museum, will be the home for each of the three exhibition halls underneath, and have space for up to 1,500


Every one of the historical centers will be specifically connected to the shopping center by means of new element spans planned by the exhibition hall’s designers.