RTA to expand Dubai Metro trails to 421km by 2030

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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) divulged the proposals to expand the Metro trails to 110km by 2020 and to 421km by 2030. Recently, RTA revealed a Route 2020 project to lengthen the Red Line of Dubai Metro by 15km to arrive at the Expo site.

RTA to expand Dubai Metro trails to 421km by 2030

RTA to expand Dubai Metro trails to 421km by 2030

According to Mattar Al Tayer, Executive Director of the RTA and Chairman of the Board of Directors, RTA is moving ahead with its tactical arrangement for strengthening public transport schemes with the aim of raising the share of public transport trips to 20% by 2020, and pushing it further to 30 per cent by 2030.

In compliance with the Master Plan of the Rail Network in Dubai, the total measurement of railways will lengthen to 110km by 2020, 200km by 2025 and twice to 421km by 2030.  RTA is also upgrading and developing the public transport courses to serve new communities.

As per the Plan, the number of buses is approximated to increase to 2,000 by 2020, elating about two million riders each day. The Plan also predicts influencing the marine transport services, as well as the expansion of the total length of marine lines to 450km.

Meanwhile, The RTA just participated in the 61st UITP World Congress and Exhibition held in Milan, Italy. The UITP World Congress and Exhibition is an important global platform for public transport specialists to highlight the most recent technologies in the field.

At the trade fair, Al Tayer averred that the escalating international attention to smooth transport contributes to people’s contentment. Accomplishing the objective entails relating technological procedures with the existing and planned infrastructure, and linking the technology with the public transport systems to improve the use of transport systems. It also necessitates integrating multi-modal transit systems, and framing procedure and legislation to keep movement with the expansion of transport systems for instance legislation about car-pooling or shared cars and the use of driverless vehicles.

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