RTA revealed more pipeline projects for the future

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Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has more than 35 mega projects for pipeline in the future according to the Executive Director Mattar Al Tayer.

RTA revealed more pipeline projects for the future

RTA revealed more pipeline projects for the future

The RTA will plan and commence transportation projects essential for Expo 2020 as well as the extension of the Red Line of the Dubai Metro, improvement roads and junctions nearby and leading to Expo location, and supplying 39 extra trains up to 2020 so as to boost passenger services.

The RTA is also designing to enlarge the bus network to cover 16 new districts, moreover enhancing the service in 19 districts by 2020.

Al Tayer divulged that the Government of Dubai, led by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, had expended approximately 73 billion dirham to advance the transportation infrastructure in Dubai since 2005.

The RTA has built the 75 km-long Dubai Metro containing 47 stations, which is believed the longest driverless metro line worldwide. It also extended the roads network from 8,715 lane-kilometer in 2005 to 12,545 lane-kilometer in 2013. 45% increase. Besides that the RTA has procured a modern fleet of public buses and revamped the marine transit means.

Al Tayer further dwelled on the forthcoming Dubai Tram project, which is scheduled to be commenced on 11 November this year, extending 10 km and covering 11 stations. The tram is approximated to carry almost 27 thousand riders each day in 2014, and the ridership is projected to enlarge to as much as 66 thousand riders a day by 2020. Phase 2 and 3 of the Tram project are now under analysis.

Al Tayer also averred on the modification towards electronic and smart services, telling no less than 200 smart services would be commenced through smart phones by the end of 2015, and the Nol card, through which the RTA has managed around two billion dealings through 9 million cards supplied since the launch of the metro operations on 9/9/2009.

The public transportation is the strength of any city as the people cannot go roundabouts easily without a suitable and secure transportation technique. Consequently most governments in several parts of the world presently concentrate to meeting the criteria and strengthening their transportation infrastructure.

Mohamed Dekkak