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Dubai’s hotels reported increasing room rates in May as the city led the region in attracting conference delegates and leisure travelers.

Room hotel rates up in Dubai

Room hotel rates up in Dubai

Room rates continued to rise for the month, increasing by 4.6% to an average of US$301.09, resulting in a 3.5% rise in revenue per available room to $247.61, according to a report.

Whereas the report stated that the incentives, meetings, exhibition and conferences sector led the enlargement, it did not provide numbers.

In May 2014, Dubai hosted the Beauty World Middle East, International Design Exhibition, Dubai Airport Show and Arabian Travel Market  that prolonged between three and four days apiece. These shows were held at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Mutually they attracted 70,000 attendees.

The Mice segment contributed the highest average growth, with room rates increasing by 18.4% annual.

The complete tenancy level in Dubai stood at 82.2%, lower than a year earlier by 0.9% points, regardless of the price increase.

However, there is also an upsurge in airlift that the airport has been able to attain, and as a greater number of people come through the airport generally that results in a greater number of people staying at the hotels for one or two nights,” Mr Hewett said.

Mohamed Dekkak