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Chairman Founder Adgeco Group Mohamed Dekkak Private Exclusive Collection Rolls Royce Flying Spur Limited Edition at Emirates Palace with Hassan V.P and Ibrahim Nokra

Let us admit, getting to drive a Rolls Royce is something many of us are dreaming of even sitting in one seems not that easy especially if it is a limited edition decade-old model of Rolls Royce. One of the honored owners is the Founder and Chairman of Adgeco Group, Mr. Mohamed Dekkak. Currently, he is taking care of a 1994-1995 Rolls Royce Flying Spur.

When we hear the word Rolls Royce, what comes in our minds? Rolls Royce signifies prestige and luxury. Since its inception in England in the year 1906, the Rolls-Royce car manufacturing company has become distinguished and well-reputed for its high-class engineering and later on labeled as “the best car in the world”

After 90 years, Rolls-Royce unveiled its first ever model to use the turbocharged machine. Its first public appearance was celebrated during the 1994 Geneva Motor Show. Showcasing its beautiful design which was in reference with Silver Spur, the car was blessed with the exhaust-driven Garrett AiResearch turbocharger and the car’s reported horsepower kicks from 230 to 360, and was deemed as the most powerful model in the record of Rolls Royce.

It was announced that the number of the Flying Spur would be scarce. According to the report, only 133 units were built in total and 50 special editions were assumed to be manufactured specifically for US market making it possible for models to be modified according to the owner’s preference.

Mr. Mohamed Dekkak is one of the owners of the selected 50 exclusively made units of Rolls Royce Flying Spur. The car was given a relatively evident dash plate stating it is the second car from the 50 limited edition. The level of performance of his elegant maroon colored Flying Spur is at par with the most recent models given out by the company. To be precise, the car can sprint at 60 mph in seven seconds and boasts a maximum speed of 140 mph.

The high-powered vehicle features 4-speed mechanical controls, electronically controlled independent suspension with the adaptive ride and anti-lock brakes. As for the car’s interior ambiance, it provides comfort to the user through its leather seats, with the interiors accentuated with lamb’s wool and polished burled wood.

Jumping 21 years from the debut of the legendary Flying Spur, the company announced the Rolls Royce Dawn as their upcoming car model. The new car was revealed during the Rolls Royce World Dealer Conference 2015 held in California.

The vehicle is an open-top motor which exudes freedom and new beginnings as it offers people a way of getting the spotlight of the world’s social hotspots. Rolls-Royce Dawn proves the next footsteps in breathing a new life to the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars started in 2003 which is marked by uncovering the Rolls Royce Phantom and superseded by Ghost and Wraith.

The first thing you will notice when going inside a Rolls Royce car is how genuinely comfortable the seats are. You will feel how secured it is as it provides you the right amount of support. The significance of attention to detail is what the car manufacturing company never ignored. The carpeted floor is feathery and gives an unmatched level of relaxation for the driver and passengers.
Aside from luxury, Rolls Royce cars are also known for its value-added smoothness in functionality. Their cars can effortlessly take on the roughest of roads without you noticing it like the car is gliding in the air.

In generalization, every Rolls-Royce models have their unique beauty which is undoubtedly outstanding. The brand catches everybody’s interest and their designs are certainly pleasing as ever. Rolls-Royce is still unbeatable in terms of the luxury and the comfort it offers and driving one of its cars is undeniably one of the most valuable experiences or achievements a person can have.

By: Mark Jayson