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The renowned name of Rolls Royce signifies power, royalty, luxury, and remarkable craftsmanship. Owning one is a great gift but owning one of only 50 limited edition Rolls Royce Flying Spur in the world is a grand privilege.

Rolls Royce Flying Spur Limited Edition

Rolls Royce Flying Spur Limited Edition

The Founder and Chairman of Adgeco Group, Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, an aficionado of vintage antique cars, is the proud owner of the #2 of exclusive 50 specially made units of Rolls Royce Flying Spur with the 49 others being in possession of royalty, high profile celebrities and successful businessmen.

Some of the owners include: #12 – Mr. Calumet Collection, San Diego, CA, USA; #14 – Mr. Louie Klaus from California, USA; #19 – Jason/Eric of San Ran Rafael, CA, USA; #23 – Ian Pinder from UK is the Company Founder and Managing Director of RR&B Garages. He always had a passion for quality cars and from a boy with the ambition to own his own garage; #40 Edward Darnell from Tampa, Florida, USA; # 44 – a Chairman of a German Company who only used the car on his visits to London  and a Monaco Royalty who owns the #32 of 50 units.

Mr. Dekkak’s one of his car collection, the maroon Flying Spur as pictured here went through intensive labor and meticulous testing to make sure it is at par with the brand’s standards.

The Flying Spur was introduced in 1994 at the Geneva Motor Show at the base price of 225,000 USD. Everyone agreed that collection is an engineering marvel and became the most sought after car. But today, the car is priceless and only 16 model still enlist around the world.

On the technical side, it was the first Rolls Royce to use 6 ¾ liter turbocharged V8 and the fastest vehicle the brand had ever made at that time. The head turning car can go from 0 to 60 mph in seven seconds. The top speed was 140 mph.

Also enhanced were the transmission shift strategy and the suspension whose adaptive electronics have been further refined. The high powered vehicle also has 4-speed automatic controls, independent suspension front and rear with adaptive ride control, ventilated disc brakes front, plain discs rear, anti locking device. Aside from ensuring that the engine and the specifications were first-rate, the maker gave it a first class look by thoroughly and meticulously lining the interior with plush quality leather and flawless paint job on the exterior.

Vintage car is an old automobile, and in the narrower senses of car aficionados and collectors. Such aficionados have classification schemes for ages of cars that implement distinctions between antique cars, vintage cars, classic cars, and so on.

On other hand, this classic car, Flying Spur has been featured in Just Married in 2003, an American romantic comedy film directed by Shawn Levy, and was written by Sam Harper, top billed with Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy. Also starring are Christian Kane, David Moscow, Monét Mazur and David Rasche. Just Married was produced by Robert Simonds, opened to #1 at the box office and stayed in the top 10 for four weeks.

But through the years, Flying Spur is still a hot commodity among the influential with others buying it secondhand. It is a factual testimony that Rolls Royce offers not only beautiful craftsmanship and exclusivity but also longevity.

Mohamed Dekkak

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