Robust Sale Of Luxury Cars In UAE Continues

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Italian Ambassador Giorgio Starace says that this year sales of luxury cars in the UnitedRobust Sale Of Luxury Cars In UAE Continues Rab of Emirates is promising as trends shows strong growth and is expected to exceed all previous records.
The envoy says that the continuous soar of the industry makes the country amongst the top global markets of luxury cars.
“The UAE is the eighth country worldwide for luxury cars such as Ferrari whose dealer, Al Tayer Motors, with 25 years of representing the brand in the UAE, has become the first importer of this brand the world as per capita based on number of population,” the Italian envoy says.
He added that it has been noted for the year 2012 an enormous for luxury car manufacturers in the Middle East in general particularly in the UAE.
Last month, a top executive of a known automobile dealership announced that sales in the UAE will increase more.
Meanwhile, the recent 13th annual global wealth management report issued by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), measuring global wealth had showed that the UAE ranks 15th in the world in terms of ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) households, with household having more than Dh367.8 million ($100 million) in private wealth with more than 56,000 families in the country having $400 million.
Car experts remarked that Abu Dhabi is seemly one of the key markets of luxury cars in the Middle East.  It symbolizes the presence of the wealthy class especially to the young generation who favors autos and super-cars.