Roads in Casablanca all set for a makeover

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Development involving the roads is now the subject of the new Priority Action Plan (PAP) launched and funded by the Ministry of Interior.

Roads in Casablanca all set for a makeover

Roads in Casablanca all set for a makeover

According to the plan, a total of DH240 million is allocated by the Ministry of which DH170 million provisions was outlaid for the realization of the first tranche lanched last February.

Development works of roughly 37 boulevards are now underway and is expected to be completed within 8 months. Among these boulevards include Modibo ‘keita, March 2. Ibn Tachefine, Ghandi, Sultan Sidi Marouf and El Fida-Mers. The scope of the plan involves the development of sidewalks, roads, putting up of new signage, and tree planting of palms. Crossroads improvement will also be a part of the project.

Lydec will handle the lighting works with a total budget of DH138 million. This means there will be an installation off 175 kilometer of cable, 20,000 lights and 127 cadelabra.  Furtthermore, the city council has also moved and scheduled for several maintenance works in the boulevard of   Mimosa, Said Bensaleh, and Emile Zola budgeted with DH70

The PAP, which is about it be realized by 2014, will involve a total of 2.8 billion dirham. Public lighting, sanitation, public transport and green spaces are among the actions contained in this plan. In addition, there are major projects still ongoing such as the cleaning up of the east coast of the city and the Sindibad Park. Public transport is also given attention and has an allocation worth 200 million dirham. Another package amounting to 110 million dirham will be allocated to security, some of which will be dedicated to the purchase of 500 surveillance cameras that will be placed in the large arteries.

The Green spaces and recreational areas benefit for a budget of 245 million dirham. Other budgets will be deducted from the total amount dedicated to this first tranche and will be disseminated to other projects such as the rehabilitation of Mohammed V complex, slum clearance, or the connection of certain areas to drinking water, electricity and sanitation.

Mohamed Dekkak