Road safety awareness campaign held in Morocco

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Shell brand promoter Vivo Energy in partnership with the Committee for National Prevention of Traffic Accidents (CNPAC) carried out the movement to educate the motorists about road safety.

Road safety awareness campaign held in Morocco

Road safety awareness campaign held in Morocco

The operation takes place simultaneously in six service stations located on strategic highways, and it allows drivers to benefit from the practical advice to ensure good behavior on the roads safely. On the occasion of this new campaign, over 10,000 motorists will be advised regarding the risks and the behavior which should be avoided when driving.

According to the company responsible for the marketing and distribution of fuels and lubricants of Shell in Morocco, the initiative as part of their partnership with CNPAC aims to set up real safety culture both internally and among their customers and partners which they will actively share with their fellow citizens.

For several years, programs for road safety were put in place and road safety committee was also formed internally with a mission to strengthen their advocacy.

The campaign points out to the motorists to avoid dangerous behaviors while driving, such as using cell phones or non-observance of safety distances.  A quiz stations were installed after which drivers who answered correctly are given a full safety kit and a coloring pack for children.

In 2013, the number of fatal accidents has decreased by 7.53%, and the number of deaths and serious injuries on the road has decreased by 8.04% and 4.98%. This is due to the mobilization of all partners and institutions, professional and civil society.

Mohamed Dekkak