Road projects in Al Ain schools’ zone almost complete

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Smoother travel will be experienced in the city’s private schools district once the roads expansion project in Khalid Bin Sultan Street is completed.

Road projects in Al Ain schools’ zone almost complete

Road projects in Al Ain schools’ zone almost complete

In preparation for School’s Academic year 2014-2015, the area has seen traffic diversion and shutting of the road to replace a number of roundabouts with signal controlled junctions to restructure the traffic flow. A lane exclusively for the school buses has been planned to reorganize the traffic flow in the city’s private school districts. It will be controlled through an electronic gate to control unauthorized traffic.

The zone is where 95 per cent of the city’s schools are located and a lot of the private schools had to build customized buildings for moving into the area which later on caused the recurrent mishaps and chaotic traffic jams. The streets were usually congested with taxis, buses, private cars, mini-vans, in the morning and afternoon picking up pupils at peak hours.

The Dh119 million projects is part of Al Ain Municipality’s strategic plan to enhance and develop the roads as well as the conversion of the roundabouts into interchanges, internal roads extension and traffic signal installation. The project is expected to be complete in the third quarter of 2014.

Ministry of Interior has been working on the link that will connect the three main traffic light signals at Al Amouria, Al Qasr and Al Murur interchanges installed at the entrance of the schools area. The traffic will replace the Al Murur and Al Choueifat roundabouts where a number of surveillance cameras will be fixed. The signals will soon help alleviate the congestion by maintaining a proper flow of traffic.

According to the plan, the roundabout at Choueifat School was turned into a signal-regulated intersection adding up an enhanced parking facility which can handle 880 cars with efficient entry and exit for private cars.

Mohamed Dekkak