On the Rise: Job opportunities in Dubai Real Estate Sector

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Leading Gulf property recruitment specialist Macdonald & Company said that as DubaiOn the Rise_ Job opportunities in Dubai Real Estate Sector real estate grows, so does employment.
Presently, Dubai real estate market shows signs of emergence as construction projects are reactivating and initiating by the private and government developers consecutively. Herewith, numbers of employment opportunities in the sector is also looking up and arising.
It has been noted that the real estate sector in the UAE is also poised for a surge in growth and confidence if Dubai were to win its bid to host Expo 2020. The increase in activity in the sector led to a hiring spree among real estate companies.
“Many long term developer and consultancy clients are now beginning to hire mid to senior level individuals again for feasibility studies and due diligence, design and planning and development and delivery roles. Salary levels are holding firm in general, and we predict a steady increase in the coming months in line with inflation,” Macdonald & Company director said.
He also stressed out that there is currently a large pool of labour in the MENA region, and there remains a strong demand for Arabic-speaking candidates with experience of all facets of the development cycle.
Still in connection, there is a strong supply of qualified candidates from the UK, Europe and the US that are still seeking opportunities here, although the number of such applications has reduced as their respective economies recover.
The Arab spring has also hugely benefited Dubai with the influx of large amounts of cash seeking investment opportunities here as well as families seeking employment and political stability here.
“Professionals are still very attracted to this region for financial, career and family reasons. The current situation is definitely improving and we expect that the Gulf States will continue to achieve significant GDP growth next year”, he explained.