Renewable Energy Development in Morocco

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Morocco is in the middle of a renewable energy development. After so many years of setting, planning and pledge to the 2009 National Energy Strategy, which intends to draw 42% of the country’s energy needs from local renewables by 2020, progressively wind and solar projects are approaching online, whereas investments persist to revolve in for even more production.

Renewable Energy Development in Morocco

Renewable Energy Development in Morocco

Outlining on regional, international domestic, public, and private resources, Morocco is not only creating an industry from scrape, it is also tapping into new domestic energy resources ; on a much more sustainable basis than its oil-exporting neighbors. Since it has been traditionally bereft of usable fossil fuels, Morocco is more reliant than its neighbors on energy imports – to the tune of importing 95% of its energy as just as 2011.

Demand for power is escalating as a result of Morocco’s achievements in rural electrification, which extensive electricity access to 98% of the population, and the country’s increasing and modernizing population which needs more energy and thus more expensive oil imports.

It is this reliance that urges Morocco’s wide-ranging energy plan, which will essentially alter the country’s energy landscape.

One of the solutions for Morocco is facilitating foreign investment. The 2011 ‘13.09’ Law was implemented to endorse comprehensive renewable electricity generation projects by setting up a lawful structure for private venture to create electricity from renewable resources and to market the electricity to industrial patrons metered to the Kingdom’s national energy grid.

Mohamed Dekkak