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Brought by the solid support of range of energy and private investment aggregation is the modernization and development of efficientRenewable energy to aid Morocco’s agriculture Moroccan agriculture, adapted to the rules of the market as one of the strategies forming the Green Morocco Plan.

The Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment stated that the study of the high scale greenhouse gas emissions in Morocco pushed the implementation of energy efficiency procedures in the sector of agriculture to manage energy utilization and reduce environmental impacts.

The 13% of national energy consumption is accounted to the agricultural sector, mainly concentrated levels of irrigation equipment, tractors and engines, kilns and barns, according to the National Agency for the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Due to this concern, the solar pump was introduced to the sector of agriculture. Given that it is not an investment to promote agricultural production but to conserve energy and protect the environment. The collaboration of the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries including the Crédit Agricole Group, the development agency for renewable energy and energy efficiency (ADEREE) gave birth to the national agenda for solar pumping.
This program is designed with the help of the allowance from the Development Fund to allow small and medium farmers to provide energy water pumps motorized by electricity coming from solar panels in order to increase yield and production while saving water and energy.

This program, budgeted with the amount of 400 million dirham, entails the setting up of a park of 3,000 photovoltaic pump per year, This could mean that the aid granted under this program over three to five years would be recovered through savings on expenses for the Compensation Fund allocated to butane gas.

Mohamed Dekkak