Reinvigorating Of Morocco’s Automotive Sector

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The Minister of Industry, Trade and New Technologies announced last week that theReinvigorating Of Morocco’s Automotive Sector implementation of the Renault-Nissan group Melloussa in Tangier gains positive impact on the automotive sector maturity that’s why Morocco is now on an initiative to attract the second largest automaker.

He further explains that the Department had already selected companies from the numerous international groups who expressed interest in Morocco as a prospect for industrial platform.
These groups are attracted by the strategic position of Morocco and its candidness to international markets, the availability of quality human skills and political stability.
Inaugurating of the second manufacturer in the world will help invigorate the automotive sector and support its growth, while easing the pressure on Renault and offering new opportunities for companies in the industry.
The Minister emphasized the possible contribution of the Renault factory in Melloussa with a production capacity of 400,000 vehicles per year by 2015, favored the establishment of manufacturers and suppliers Moroccan and foreign cars, noting that thirty manufacturers settled in Morocco creating more than 20,000 jobs in the wake of the Renault project.
The country also has plans to widen the business fabric and bring the local integration rate of plant Melloussa to 80% instead of 50% now, adding that the government has put in place a roadmap in this regard in consultation with various stakeholders.
Morocco stands as a hub of prime importance to the South of the Mediterranean taking advantage of its geographical position and its proximity to Europe and thus able to develop a whole network of companies outsourcing, equipment manufacturers and services for the sector, which are in themselves a relay to attract other major global manufacturers, the Minister said.