Regional Security Conference to be Hosted by Morocco

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A regional conference on strengthening border security between Sahel and MagrhebRegional Security Conference to be Hosted by Morocco countries will be held by November 14 hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco.

The conference is to ensure follow-up and monitoring of the integrated strategy on the Sahel, particularly in terms of governance and security a minister from the Kingdom said.

For a long time, Morocco is aware of the importance of setting up a mechanism involving the countries of the Sahel -Saharan region, and strengthening interregional cooperation between the countries the Sahel, West Africa and the Maghreb

The Minister added that the meeting will support a strategy of guaranteeing an inclusive cooperation to face the transnational challenges that threaten collective security and stability of these regions.

UN chief also explained that the global community holds hands with the people of the Sahel. He stated that what is needed is an approach that shatters institutional barriers and unites  security, political, development and humanitarian efforts across the region.

11M of the eighty million residents in Sahel states lack enough food, the region suffered 3 severe droughts in 10 years and Ban noted that it is awash with weapons and has experienced horrible human rights violations.

Earlier, the World Bank and European Union promised more than 6 billion euros as aid for Sahel countries.

The Moroccan top diplomat will meet with several African peers on security and humanitarian issues, and the development of an action coordination mechanism in the Sahel region on this international meeting.