Reality TV Series on Young Emirati Philippine Volunteers, Soon on UAE Television

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On Friday, a video documentary series of the 6 young Emiratis who volunteered to live andReality TV Series on Young Emirati Philippine Volunteers, Soon on UAE Television work in the Philippines can be watch on UAE television.

Produced by MBC, the story will highlight the journey of 3 boys and 3 girls ages seventeen to twenty-three years old as they cope with the new environment and are taught several life lessons as they go along.

All their mobiles,  electronic devices,  credit cards and cash were confiscated before they boarded the plane as part of the rules is to only use items that their Filipino host families can afford.

Divided into six episodes, the documentary will teach the subjects, important lessons in empathy and how common people can make a difference to community. It can be watch on Friday, 2pm at MBC1 Channel.

Abu Dhabi-based Image Nation chairman stated that they are proud that Beyond Borders has tapped into young Emirati culture, to combine a real respect for tradition with a sense of adventure about the world and curiosity  beyond their own nation.

He further stated that the show aims to educate as much as it entertains  and at the same time to promote the values of the Abu Dhabi leadership, namely  entrepreneurship, a respect for diversity,responsibility with money and broad-mindedness. “We are hoping that young Emiratis will be encouraged to make a difference to their own society and learn that nothing should be taken for granted,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the chief executive of Image Nation expressed his appreciation for having a prestigious partnership with MBC. “This is Image Nation’s first partnership with MBC, and is testament to the quality of the programming that our team and partners are producing,” he said.

“We saw a very strong and meaningful message in this documentary, whether from a production stand point, technical or artistic, as well as cultural and moral messages targeted towards the youth of today, specifically Emiratis and is aligned with MBC Group’s overall content strategy that we are very keen on conveying to millions of Arabs in the region and outside,” he said.