Real estate shows progress in Morocco

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The realty location Mubawab does not believe in the real estate crisis. The arrival of Moroccans living abroad and domestic demand still significantly encouraged by real estate.

Real estate shows progress in Morocco

Real estate shows progress in Morocco

According to the latest study, demand has escalated 22% in the city of Fez and 15% in Mohammedia.  Interestingly the site offers for properties due to socio-economic development of these new economic centers.

The deployment of many diverse offers for properties in these two cities and the price per square meter have also played an important role in that rush,” says Mubawab.  Moreover, domestic demand for apartments is still “important.”

The barometer Mubawab explained that the rental market has jumped by 8% while the purchase application increased by 7%. The villas had been a renewed interest in early summer, it has faded (-7%) during the month of July across the Kingdom, whereas it stagnated Casablanca” Mubawab added. After regaining color, the price of 15,182 m² Casablanca was DH during the Ramadan period.

Downtown and Gauthier had their m² fall by 4.25%. Neighborhoods that were up are: hospitals (+ 6.33%), Racine Extension (3.04%), Palm (2.65%) and Val floral (+ 3.09%). “Consernant the California area, there is talk of an exceptional increase of 14.11%. His m² finds his level of January 2014, with a value of 16,000 DH, “says his site.

Tangier still see the price of m² increase at an average monthly rate of 3% to 10,865 dirhams. This increase affected an Mubawab, as the cities of Agadir and Rabat, where the price per square meter is mounted respectively 12,775 DH (+ 3.07%) and 15,846 DH (+ 0.80%). For cons, the other cities of Morocco experienced a decrease in the value of m². Mohammedia, which had seen last month decreased 4.11%, keeps going at a deep discount of 6.91% and a price per square meter, which fell below the 10,000 mark DH.

Mohamed Dekkak