Rail transport of phosphates improved performance in 2013 ONCF

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The transport business phosphates ONCF reached a record last year.

Rail transport of phosphates improved performance in 2013 ONCF

Rail transport of phosphates improved performance in 2013 ONCF

According to the 2013 report of the Office, accompanying efforts of the teams of the institution in the process of business transformation of the supply chain of phosphate transport have allowed the transport of a volume brushing 27.7 million tonnes. Office garnered a record turnover of 1.750 billion dirhams on this activity, up 4% from last year and has been able to improve its estimates of 9%.

Purposely, the performance recorded last year consolidating the positive trend in the freight and logistics activity observed for already four years since the total turnover of the business has reached 2.150 billion dirhams, up 2% one year earlier. As for volumes transported, they totaled 36.2 million tonnes, similar to last year level.

This improvement can be explained by the increase in traffic phosphates which reached a record. The activities of freight out phosphates known to like basis, a slight decrease of 4% due to the difficult economic conditions of the beginning of 2013, combined with the significant reduction in imports of cereals and hydrocarbons (coal) due to good rainfall has known Morocco. This allowed better production of local cereals and hydropower. The year 2013 has been marked by the overall scalability of the traffic cars for export from the port of Tanger-Med.

Thus, the railways carried more than 95,000 cars against 55,600 in 2012 This volume, a marked increase, generated for the Board a turnover of 17.6 million dirhams, against 12.9 million a year earlier. The forecasts Branch expect this year on the continuation of this trend as the forecast volumes shown are highly promising: more than 120,000 cars for export and not less than 20,000 to import. Recall that the ONCF stalled, following a call for tenders, storage services and management, on the site of Casablanca Mita, Renault cars for the domestic market.

Through the transport of Renault cars for export which is experiencing a rapid development since its inception in March 2012, the target for the ONCF is to position the business in automotive logistics in Morocco. As such, and in partnership with the Renault customer, the logistics services for the storage and management of cars have been defined and are being deployed.

Mohamed Dekkak