Rabat’s Wheat Harvest Records Healthy Performance

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The Provincial Director of Agriculture assured that the health status of the canopy wheatRabat's Wheat Harvest Records Healthy Performance Rabat-Salé, under the 2013-2014 crop years, appears in good condition. An operation will be commenced soon at Rabat-Salé in the purpose to prevent foliar diseases of these crops.

First in the territory under the jurisdiction of the DPA, this operation will benefit small farmers by raising awareness of the need for treatment of foliar diseases of cereals, mainly septoria and brown and yellow rust. Such operations can improve performance by 10 to 15%, but more importantly the quality of cereals .

The official said, the total area of land that will benefit from this transaction amounts to 2,000 ha. Making the rural commune of Sidi Yahia Zaër (Prefecture Skhirat-Temara) accounts for half was followed by that of Shoul (Prefecture of Salé), with 500 ha. The other two areas under the jurisdiction of the prefecture-Skhirat Temara benefit from this operation, namely the rural communes of Oum Azza (300 ha) and Sebbah (200 ha).

Despite a growing season marked by difficulties at the beginning, farmers were able to catch up with the rains that precipitated from mid-November on the fields within the province (whose boundaries correspond to Rabat – Salé), which are mainly practiced cereal, gardening and beekeeping.