Rabat Tramway Line to Be Expanded

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A plan to expand the Rabat tramway line to serve the vicinities of Hay Riyad and Hay El Fath is being confirmed.

Rabat Tramway Line to Be Expanded

Rabat Tramway Line to Be Expanded

According to Lemghari-Hakim Essakel, director of the Agency for the Development of the Bourgereg Valley and the Society of Rabat Tramway that they anticipate the signing of a financing conformity with the Ministries of Finance and Interior in the first quarter of 2015 if all conditions are met.

The Rabat Tramway company desires to expand its service to a number of new locations in the Moroccan capital, as well as New Sale, Moulay Smail and Oulad Moussa.

The new designs to expand the Tramway network to cover 20 kilometers will value between MAD 170 and 210 million.

As well as Rabat and Casablanca, studies are underway for the execution of Tramway lines in the northern city of Tangiers.

The project is possible to link vicinities with a high concentration of residents and industrial regions in the city and its surroundings.

The reports are being carried out by the French company which is in charge of detecting the troubles of transportation and traffic in the several parts of Tangier, plus potential districts to link with the tramway network.

Mohamed Dekkak