Public Private Partnership: Morocco’s agenda for economic growth sustainability

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The number of major construction projects for development and extension networks in Morocco has reached a remarkable economic growth Public Private Partnership_ Morocco’s agenda for economic growth sustainabilityin recent years, thus the interest in the integration of Public Private Partnership (PPP).

To further discuss the plan, a seminar was held in Rabat with a theme “Public Private Partnership: What model for rail?”

Judging from the theme, the seminar was focused on the integration of PPP in the rail sector, and its goal is to aid the expansion of the national network for better exposure.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics, they paid keen attention to the participation of the private sector for their upcoming projects. It is necessary to establish an impartial and monetarily and economically possible partnership.

The CEO of the National Office for Railways (ONCF) added that the PPP gained recognition in the past few years, but the gain it received has not reached the rail sector.

The PPP gained importance in infrastructure projects, due to the financial crisis that required them to find new sources of funds. There are several major projects development and extension networks on the table or under structure worldwide which basically call for important financial resources allocation.
The operational and commercial efficiency of the private sector in railways will be beneficial to the ONCF according to World Bank. Yet, the private sector must first meet specified prerequisites and the PPP model should be reflected in advance with comprehensible objectives.

Mohamed Dekkak