Prospects on all fronts to the Finance Act 2015

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Battle against unemployment, consolidation of public finance recovery in economic activity, strengthening the competitiveness of Moroccan firms, these are the main expectations of the Moroccan economic operators, according to the recent survey conducted in June involving on the economic situation and the priorities should address the future Finance Act 2015.

Prospects on all fronts to the Finance Act 2015

Prospects on all fronts to the Finance Act 2015

Nearly 75% of operators believe that the economic situation stagnates Morocco (45.6%) or decrease (28%). Given this situation, the majority of the sample (92.7%) believes that the revival of economic activity should be a top priority for the government in the next fiscal year.

Enhancing the competitiveness of Moroccan firms should also be central concern of the government in the preparation of the Budget 2015, 92% of business leaders. In addition, 70.6% of responsible industrial activity and public finance should also be a primary objective for the government in the development of future law Finances.

The most relevant at the next Finance Act priorities should focus on two problems, however. First, the fight against unemployment is the most important priority clear. They are in fact 66.2% to make that judgment, against 25% feeling that this issue is not critical and should be secondary.

The lessening of public spending is the second highest priority by respondents. Almost all Moroccan patrons believe, in fact, that government spending should be subject to restrictive measures in 2015.

Revenue increase is essential for example 52.9% of the economic operators and priority for only 22.1% and secondary education for all. While protecting the environment appears important for 55.9% and priority for just 13.2%.

And not astonishingly, wage increase does not seem to be a step to company executives as 70.6% consider that such an initiative should not be a priority.

The income tax is considered justified by 38.2% against 50% of operators who are at least unjustified. Generally, 88.2% of respondents consider it necessary improvement of the tax system.

Mohamed Dekkak